As part of the East West family of companies, Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate is happy to have a unique relationship with East West Destination Hospitality. EWDH has been in the hospitality management service for more than 30 years, providing discerning homeowners with peace of mind. They are dedicated to preserving your home's value through unparalleled management and year-round rental income.


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Protect your residence for years to come. EWDH conducts regular inspections, offers professional and courteous housekeeping, prompt and efficient maintenance, detailed accounting, bill-paying services and much more.

VACATION RENTAL - As part of EWDH's rental program, you will benefit from their powerful marketing and sales strategies which are proven to maximize rental income while protecting your investment. Their marketing approach is integrated in all areas of e-commerce, online website optimization, email marketing, reputation management, direct sales, and yield management.

HOME CARE - Place the routine chores of caring for your home in the hands of EWDH's genuine hospitality team. They handle all the details so you can enjoy the benefits of your investment with your family and friends. Home care provides for the consistent care and maintenance of residences, while ensuring your property remains desirable & profitable. Their home care services are for owners who choose not to rent but would still like to enjoy an on-site property management solution.

Contact your SSF broker for more information about EWDH's homeowner services.


Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate is not in the rental or property management business. We will work with you to connect with one of our partners to facilitate your request.